Timothy Selvage


HDR vertorama photograph inside Litchfield-Cathedral

About me

Hi, I’m Timothy Selvage and I run a creative commercial photography business based in Milton Keynes, UK. It specialises in offering businesses, organisations and institutions high quality commercial photography services and interactive 360 vr tours. My personal love of travel, art and architecture coupled with my experience of working with corporate companies has led me to specialise in commercial photography whereby, I am able to offer specific skills and expertise.

How did I get here?

It all began in my childhood when my uncle bought me my first 35mm SLR. I was 13 years old and travelling in Singapore with family. He was really passionate about technological innovation and loved his gadgets. This inspired me and gave me a taste for technology. Looking back now it was one of those occasions where an adult buys a kid something because actually… they want to play with it!!

I later learned how to develop my own film at school. Although I wasn’t on the course, I had friends who would sneak me into the darkroom and teach me what they were learning. Photography stayed with me through school and university were I joined the photographic society.

After graduating with a BSc in Psychology at the University of Leicester, I started my career working at a graphics and print company. I learned how to do everything from scanning colour transparencies, designing brochures, and outputting film, right through to printing, laminating, cutting, stitching and packing brochures ready for delivery.

My technical skills and knowledge developed whilst working in the graphics and print industry. It also gave me the opportunity to work with many photographers and corporate businesses in producing an array of quality visual products. Thus, I gained valuable insight into clients needs and expectations.

In my spare time I continued to develop my photographic skills and enjoyed sharing my images online. Many people started leaving positive comments about my photography on sites such as G+ and Flickr. Companies and organisations started contacting me to use my images and commission me to carry out photographic projects for them.

It was therefore a natural progression for me to start my own photography business. It now offers photography services that provide creative solutions for businesses in the form of high quality digital photography and interactive 360 vr pano tours. Learn more about the services my business offers here.

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