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hdr digital travel photography in prague of Minmina Babies by Da

It can be fun processing digital photography! Whilst travelling in Prague I discovered these enormous statues of babies by David Carny. There were a couple of them crawling around in this forest close to the River Vltava. I knew it would be a fun photo to process. When I took the shot it was already becoming dusk so all the colours were blending into one another which didn’t make for a good shot. Thanks to photoshop and digital processing I managed to find a way to make the baby ‘pop’. I’m sure that some will not appreciate my efforts (if you have seen the original you will know why) but now I really like it, as it feels like a baby invasion from Mars.

To digitally process this image I used lightroom to create a 32-bit HDR with photomatix’s plugin. I then altered the colours in lightroom to get an even exposure and exported it to photoshop. Here was where the fun began. I simply masked out the baby, which then let me play with editing the baby separately from the back ground.

It was then just a case of using adjustments such as hue/saturation, brightness/contrast to get the desired colours or baby vs background. I finally finished off with blurring the baby a little to get a smoother finish and hey presto – a baby from mars!

Location details:

Worth a visit? Definitely
Key features? Many surreal sculptures scattered around Prague
Photographer friendly? Yes
Tripod friendly? If you’re strong enough to carry on all day
Cost? Ticket to Prague
Parking? I walked everywhere and didn’t need to hire/park a car
Best day to visit? I went in Feb. A little chilly but less tourists.
Interesting fact: It was cheaper to buy beer than water!

Tech Details:

Camera Make: Nikon
Camera model: D800
Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8
ISO: 500
Focal: 38mm
Aperture: f4
Exposure value range: -2 to +2 (one stop intervals)
Shutter: from 1/15 to 1 sec
Software used: Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix Lightroom plugin

Location (Where I stood): 50.088333, 14.410833


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