HDR photography at Litchfield Cathedral

HDR Architecture photo of Litchfield Cathedral

Taking HDR photography in Litchfield Cathedral was a pleasure (see other photos here ). I found that HDR photography was really useful to capture this image because of the high dynamic range. This means it has some super dark areas (shadows) and really bright areas (highlights). Although it was a cloudy day, the difference in contrast between the bright windows and the dark shadows in the vault was huge. Thankfully, by using a tripod and bracketing my shots from -3 to +3 it had me covered 😀

Once at home I was happy to have the range of exposures to create an HDR photo. I’ll soon be sharing information on my favourite ways of processing HDR photography so feel free to subscribe to my monthly newsletter or follow me on social media for my lastest posts.

The staff at Litchfield Cathedral were really friendly and welcoming at this beautiful cathedral. It really makes a difference when photographing such places as it lets you feel relaxed and able to enjoy and fully appreciate being in such an amazing place.

To get this shot I was maxed out at 14mm on my full frame sensor and had to press my face against the floor to enable me to look at my LCD screen!! I really have to investigate solutions into getting live view to show on my laptop or iPad. If you have any great suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Location details:

Worth a visit? Incredible Cathedral one of my favourites
Key features? For me it was the vaults.
Photographer friendly? Very
Permission required prior to arrival? No
Tripod friendly? Yes
Cost? More than reasonable £3 photography permit – no entrance fee but donations welcome.
Parking? At nearby car parks
Best day to visit? Weekdays but check their website for special events.
Interesting fact/hint: Near the choir stalls you get an awesome opportunity to shoot a vertorama.
Website for more info: Litchfield Cathedral website

Tech Details:

Camera Make: Nikon
Camera model: D800
Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8
ISO: 100
Focal: 14mm
Aperture: f8
Exposure value range: -3 to +3 (one stop intervals)
Shutter: 1/20 through to 3secs
Software used: Lightroom, Photomatix Lightroom plugin,

Location (Where I stood): 53.405474, -2.968723 [Facing South]

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