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How can ‘Google Street View | Trusted’ and ‘Google My Business’ help promote my business?

Google Street View | Trusted is a product for your Google My Business page. It is a premium-quality, 360-degree interactive virtual tour of your business powered by Street View technology. It’s simple, fast and affordable.

I’m Timothy Selvage and registered on Google’s Street View | Trusted Photographer scheme. Google Street View technology invites customers inside your business. Hundreds of thousands of local businesses like yours, adopt Google Street View | Trusted, to help enhance their listings on Google searches. These businesses showcase their interiors and gain the trust of potential customers by showing them the inside of their business. Businesses who have utilised street view are enjoying higher visibility and increased revenues simply by adding their own 360 Google virtual tour.

Local business testimonials.

“See inside”

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It can be confusing so let me explain…

Google Maps is the framework. It’s a digital atlas. Google Street View allows us to navigate maps at street level within a virtual reality. It used to be restricted to the roads, but now you can navigate to see inside businesses. People can now virtually walk around the inside of your business where the 360 images have been taken

Google Street View | Trusted is used to describe the 360 virtual reality tour inside a business. It used to be called Google Business View but has been rebranded as part of the Google Street View product. The important fact is that your business is seen on Google Maps, Google Street View and in Google searches.

Google My Business is a unique google page for your business. Think of it as a mini google website for your business. It can also be thought of as your google listings page. The information you list here gets used by the google search engine. You need to have a Google My Business page before you can have a Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour of your business. I can give you advice on how to set this up.

The “virtual tour” I create of your business gets loaded onto your Google My Business page. Only a Google Street View | Trusted photographer can do this for you. Virtual tours can be referred to as a ‘360’, a ‘360 virtual reality (vr) tour’, ‘virtual tour’, a ‘panoramic tour’ or ‘pano tour’.

I’ve written in more detail about Google My Business pages: Why they are important, and also produced a video. If you want to learn more click here.    

The most important thing to understand is that when people use google to search for any service or business, whether it’s a restaurant, retail shop, leisure facility, law firm etc, google will display results from a directory of Google My Business pages. The richer and more relevant your content is and the more engagement your business will receive.

Millions of people use Google each and every day to decide where to eat, where to shop, where to play, and where to stay. Now, when they search for you, or what you sell, or the food you serve, or the services you provide, they’ll see a special “SEE INSIDE!” window next to YOUR name on Google Maps & search results, setting you apart from the competition and engaging them at the exact moment they’re looking for a place to go.

You can also Tweet your Google virtual tour, post it on Facebook, and view it on any computer, smartphone or tablet, so it will always be bringing you new business.


Fact: 80+% of purchasing research begins on the internet. Google Street View allows consumers the ability to check out your interior and become familiar and engaged with you when it counts – when they are looking for what YOU sell, what YOU serve, what YOU do. Hotels, restaurants, retail stores, churches, businesses of all types benefit from this amazing technology… and so will you.

Do you want your virtual tour to look great?

Here are some examples of my work. I’m proud of what I create.