Incredible architecture in the Norman crypt at Worcester Cathedral. Like many cathedrals, the crypt is the oldest part of this building dating back to 1084. It features the multi-columned cushioned capitals which remain from the original monastic church begun by St Wulfstan.

For those of you wondering, yes, I decided to play with the architecture to create a mirror image. I needn’t mention that I was feeling ‘blue’ at the time of processing hence the colour tone. The image also works well in black and white as it really accentuates the architecture. The shape of the arches and the patterns created by the light and shadows really stand out in monotone.

Nevertheless, the blue feeling, coupled with the burst of white from the lights in the centre of the image made me feel as if I was inside an alien spacecraft. Maybe I’ve recently seen too many sci-fi movies.

For another architectural photo of Worcester cathedral crypt click here.



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