Ely Cathedral was originally, “Ely Abbey, founded in 672, by Æthelthryth (St Etheldreda), daughter of the East Anglian King Anna. It was a mixed community of men and women.[3] Later accounts suggest her three successor abbesses were also members of the East Anglian Royal family. In later centuries the depredations of Viking raids may have resulted in its destruction, or at least the loss of all records.[4] It is possible that some monks provided a continuity through to its refoundation in 970, under a Benedictine rule.[4] The precise siting of Æthelthryth’s original monastery is not known. The presence of her relics, bolstered by the growing body of literature on her life and miracles, was a major driving force in the success of the refounded abbey. The church building of 970 was within or near the nave of the present building, and was progressively demolished from 1102 alongside the construction of the Norman church.[5] Ermenilda of Ely was an Abbess here, as well, after her husband Wulfhere of Mercia died in 675″ [excerpt from wiki]. Read more about the history of the cathedral here.

This photograph was taken as part of a project at Ely cathedral where I was asked to capture the cathedrals spirit with fresh eyes. Interestingly, some of the photos I enjoyed editing with a ‘new’ look but there were also photos that just looked timeless and beautiful without editing. I can’t wait to share them with you.

It’s been a busy few months and I’ve now started offering 360vr panoramas to the photographic services I offer my clients. SO you will start to see more of those appearing my my website. Here is one of the Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral.

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