Architectural photography in cathedrals


Architectural photography doesn’t always have to be wide angle, but can also feature many details which are part of the architecture. After all it’s the sum of the parts that makes the whole. When taking or looking at wide angle shots we can enjoy and get lost in the geometry and scale of a building but sometimes we miss the details. One of the wonderful things about photographing cathedrals in the UK is that a lot of attention and time has been spent on small details scattered all over.

I find that when using different camera focal lengths I start to notice and pick out different details. Sometimes it might just be a small splash of colour that attracts the eye – as it was with this stain glass window. But when I zoomed in I was touched by the subject, composition and balance of light shining through this stain glass window inside Litchfield Cathedral Church. With a touch of soft focus it really felt as if I was seeing a real life scene.



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